No Compromise Required

Strong, safe and beautiful, Blockhouse Shutters provide peace of mind and add real value to your property without breaking the bank.  All-weather, all-purpose and guaranteed for up-to-10-years, they are custom-fitted to your doors and windows, providing an elegant, durable, all-in-one alternative to curtains, blinds and all types of security barriers –from bars to expandable gates.

Locally made from premium aluminium with Qualicoat approved powder coating, their versatility and classic simplicity make Blockhouse Shutters the ideal long-term solution to privacy, light control and security needs throughout your home. And the best part? They’re there when you need them, but when you don’t they glide away, stacking neatly to leave your views completely unobstructed.

Non security aluminium (Lite) shutter available on request.


Living in Colour

Blockhouse Shutters are available in five standard colours, as well as custom colours to complement every home’s unique look.  Standard colours include white, light grey, dark grey, bronze and charcoal

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We travel throughout the West Coast to assist with evaluations, quotes and installations.


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