The purpose of alarms:

Alarms and alarm systems have multiple uses:

  1. Effective alarms notify owner, neighbor, and security company of a security breach – raising an audible siren and transmitting a signal to your Security Monitoring Company. The element of surprise has now been turned against the intruder
  2. Slow intruders down and possibly deter them from gaining entry into the property –by implementing security layers a trespasser may be detected before he reaches your house, as soon as he is detected by Perimeter Detection devices
  1. Minimise your losses and damages –intruders and trespassers are unlikely to spend time on site when they know they have been detected
  1. Peace of mind –Knowing that what is important to you is being protected by a system that never sleeps.
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*Upgrades and Additions to your Alarm System

We can expand your existing security alarms or upgrade your home security system to an updated alarm system with more features that will add value to your security requirement.

These might include:

  • Additional detection devices (Internal, Outdoor or Perimeter), after renovations or expansions at the property
  • Additional or new remotes
  • Panel and Keypad Upgrade

If you’re looking for a new alarm system, upgrade, additions or require maintenance on you existing systems, contact us today. If you’re looking for other security systems such as security shuttters, clear burglar bars or Maxidor Trellis Gates – We can also assist.

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New Alarm Systems – Residential

We are leaders in alarm systems in Western Cape. We assess your unique living environment and find a solution that best suits you and your family needs.

A few Key Factors we keep in mind

  • Are we able to layer your security utilising perimeter detection devices?
  • Have you got physical barriers in front of doors and windows?
  • Detection devices on opening doors and windows
  • Internal detection devices throughout or at key points inside the premises
  • Are there pets inside or around the premises that could possibly compromise the effectiveness of your alarm system?
  • It is possible to create a “Stay” function on your system that is possible to arm you perimeter or parts of the house when you are at home
  • Is it possible to create a “Sleep” function for you and your family to have maximum alarm protection during the night when you are at your most vulnerable
  • Along with the alarm system we will look into and suggest a “Safe” or “In-scape” area (usually to be used along with the “Sleep” function), by installing an internal gate and burglar bars in the bedroom area of the house
  • Safe and reliable way of arming and disarming your alarm system, taking domestic workers, children and the eldery in mind
  • One of the most important factors of any system is that it should be User Friendly.


  • Annual service and system checks
  • Trace and repair of false alarm activations
  • Reprogramming of system
  • Battery replacement on Panel and Wire Free devices